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holistic health

with an individualized and

root cause approach

hello & welcome

I'm Ellen | Registered Nurse &

I empower individuals to achieve optimal health
through education and personalized protocols
for gut restoration, drainage, detox, and more.

certified holistic
health practitioner

a root cause approach to healing

what if you could actually reveal the true reason behind your symptoms and have a comprehensive, individualized plan to achieve true healing?

what if you were able to start seeing your symptoms as signals from your body, that help reveal exactly what root causes may be impacting your health?

what if I told you that it doesn't take thousands of dollars on testing? and that revealing root causes can be done through symptom assessment and one simple test?

this is the root cause approach

what clients are saying...

"I felt so validated and empowered after my consultation today. Thank you for investing so much to help people like me."

"It's seems natural to believe you and trust you. You're the only person who's ever helped me with my body."

"I feel like my body is starting to get back into a normal rhythm again. The bags under my eyes are starting to diminish and my skin is clearer. Over all, I feel my protocol has helped my body tremendously."

"You have been so helpful in my journey of taking responsibility for mine and my children's health! I really don't know if I'd ever have the confidence this far without you. I appreciate you so much!"

"I just want you to know I'm feeling sooo much better already! You are so special and I'm so thankful for you!"

begin your healing journey!

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